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The Executive edition of our Breakfast Club is the yearly opportunity for C-suites to meet peers from different industries for a 24-h full immersion on new trends, in  a unique location in the outskirts of Milan.


Enlarge your horizontal network, stay up-to-date on the latest best practices and drive collaborations on tricky business cases.

Here a preview of the program of our Breakfast Club



What & When

Per invitation only, the Breakfast Club Exclusive Executive edition is a gathering of a selected group of senior-level executives to interact informally with peers from different industries. 

Each invitation is based on the participants’ relevance and influence within their organisation and will be limited to a specific number of executives.

The workshop will take place over 1 and half days, October 13th-14th. 


Friday, October 13th

h.8.00 Pickup from Milan and transfer to the unique destination (approx.45min)

h.10.00 - 13.00 I trend session

h.13.00 lunch break and networking

h.15.30-17.00 II trend session

h.17.00 - 18.00  I Discussion on business cases

h.18.00 Networking, relax and SPA

h. 21.00  Dinner

The program

Saturday, October 14th 

h.10.00 - 11.30 III trend session

h.11.30 - 12.30 II Discussion on business cases

h.13.00 Pick up from the unique destination and transfer back to Milan (approx.45min)


Augmented Humanity
Selection of topics

Trend sessions will focus on the areas most relevant to the main topic:

Speaker TBC


This session explores the field of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to creativity, by:

  • focusing on the history and theories behind it;

  • analyzing the unorthodox approaches that have advanced the field;

  • discussing about cutting-edge creative AI tools.

The session will provide direction on how to implement AI for creative insights in the short-medium term, and how to translate them to business contexts such branded content, customer service and shopper activations


This session explores new purchase opportunities and new consumer identities as a result of emerging phygital markets based on co-creation and shared ownership between brands and consumers.

This theme will:

  • survey the different needs expressed in relevant outlets (social and e-commerce VS traditional retail) and how technology can better accomodate and meet them, with new approaches and innovative technologies (co-creative technologies, blockchain). 

  • explore the metaverse as an emerging market - rather than emerging media outlet - pointing out its very own economy (ex. cryptonomics) and consumption patterns (ex. meta tourism). 




This session explores the future of advertising in emerging phygital/post-digital markets. This theme will investigate:

  • new advertising opportunities;

  • new advertising formats;

  • new advertising tools;

  • new media.

Guido Di Fraia
Prorettore all'Innovazione e Intelligenza Artificiale, IULM



This session explores the opportunities and challenges of leading an augmented humanity in an augemented world. This theme will focus on how to leverage AI to:

  • improve decision - making;

  • lead with data and improve team performance;

  • focus on innovation and encourage future

New Worlds

This session explores the rise and evolution of new worlds. Some time will be dedicated to: 

  • the definition of liminal spaces and correlated media possibilities, as well as to the definition of space industry (today and expected) and space business opportunities;

  • new digital words (ex. Metaverse, meta societies and e-government) and their immediate and expected effect on the mass; 

The session will provide direction and general understanding of future scenarios aiming to anticipate future challenges and opportunities.


The location

The location is a luxury accommodation only 45min away from Milan.

Isolated, secluded, yet comfortable and immersed in nature, the place will host the group for the entirety of the Breakfast Club, offering all sorts of amenities and perks, plus a luxurious SPA.

Participants will have their own superior room, full access to the SPA and full catering.

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on business topics

Discussion on business topics is  platform to address challenges and issues that each participant is facing or that they foresee in the near future and, at the same time, brainstorm solutions that can help them overcome their challenges.

The format is quick and wit: each participant will be invited to share a challenge within a 1 minute. Afterwards participants will be invited to ask further questions within a 5 minute time.

Then the entire group will be invited to reflect on the issues and continue discussion freely and informally during the networking and free time.

The group will then reconvene and share potential solutions the morning after before departure.

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Anna Paterlini

Co-Founder & Client Director

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