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We provide C-suite and their teams with the time to catch up on new trends and how to use them to guide the way their audience interacts with the brand.

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How it works

  1. You choose a topic

  2. We tailor the Breakfast Club to your business

  3. We spend a couple of hours together to hand over all the findings and share immediately applicable strategic hints

  4. We leave behind a full and accessible  document for you and your team

You are all up to date and ready to put the trend into practice!

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The Hitchhiker's
Guide to the Metaverse

  • Introduction

  • What is the Metaverse?

  • Understanding the momentum

  • History of the Metaverse (focus on the last 10 years)

  • Metaverse now

  • Key concepts (ex. Blockchain, NFts, digital fashion)

  • Tech components (ex. UX and access points)

  • Key players & platforms (ex. Meta, Epic Games, Roblox)

  • Audience (target markets: Asia, North America & Europe)

  • Brands and the Metaverse

  • Emerging trends

  • Opportunities & strategy

  • Sources


Gaming Armada

  • Introduction 

  • The most common bias about gaming

  • Why is everyone so obsessed with gaming?

  • Gaming history

  • The gaming industry, today

  • Publishers and games

  • eSports 

  • Entertainment 

  • Streaming & platforms

  • Gaming personalities 

  • Audience

  • Brands & Gaming:
    what are the opportunities?

  • Trends

  • Strategy

  • Sources


A Space Odyssey

  • Introduction – understanding the momentum of Space Exploration

  • History of Space Exploration (focus on commercial)

  • The Space Industry today

  • Visions for the future (focus on streams of research & investments)

  • Key players (ex. International Space Station, NASA, ESA, Space X and other commercial enterprises)

  • Audience (ex. Target markets and personas)

  • Brands and Space – case histories

  • Commercial

  • R&D

  • Media and Comm opportunities

  • Emerging trends and opportunities

  • Sources

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Anna Paterlini

Co-Founder & Client Director