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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

We provide C-suite and their teams with the time to catch up on new trends and how to use them to guide the way their audience interacts with the brand.

Here a sneak peek of our most recent Breakfast Clubs

How it works

  1. You choose a topic

  2. We tailor the Breakfast Club to your business

  3. We spend a couple of hours together to hand over all the findings and share immediately applicable strategic hints

  4. We leave behind a full and accessible  document for you and your team

You are all up to date and ready to put the trend into practice!

Brands with a soul

Brands with a soul

  • Introduction

  • Understanding the momentum: values, work and consumption

  • Communalism, purpose and customer voice

  • Communalism, storydoing and story making

  • Communalism today

  • Inclusivity (ex. Hacking for disabilities and different neurotypes)

  • Mental Health (ex. Normalization of therapy and the impact of digital)

  • Sustainability (ex. Ethical consumption and the biocities)

  • Gender, love, rights and language (ex. AI bias and discrimination)

  • Authenticity (ex. Advocating for communalism)

  • Digital consciousness (ex. Silver economy and digital literacy)

  • Brands and Communalism

  • Emerging trends

  • Opportunities & strategy

Augemented Humanity

Augmented Humanity

  • Combinational creativity (ex. Midjourney)

  • Exploratory creativity (ex. OpenAI and ChatGPT);

  • Transformational creativity (ex. Ai-Da)

  • Introduction: understanding the basis 

  • Web3 and blockchain

  • 5G and WiFi6

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Introduction: definition of augmented humanity

  • AH & Creativity

  • AH & Consumption

  • Social and e-commerce (Ex. Haptic tech)

  • Metaverse as an emerging market

  • Traditional retail (ex. Hybrid stores)

  • AH & ADV

  • Web3 (ex. Decentralized adv)

  • 5G & AI (ex. Fused biometics and hypergeolocalization)

  • (Sort of) new media (ex. Audio formats and space as a media)

  • AH & New Wolrds

  • Physical spaces (ex. Near space)

  • Digital spaces (ex. Advanced avatars and digital twins)

Sounds like retail

Sounds like retail

  • Introduction

  • Understanding the momentum I: retail today, a pandemic ridden world

  • Understanding momentum II: retail today, a post- digital world

  • Retail tomorrow: the audience

  • Retail tomorrow: the opportunities

  • Omnichannel, e-commerce and customer loyalty

  • More ways to pay (blockchain, etc.,)

  • Conversational commerce (AI, NLU)

  • Social commerce

  • Updated retail experience (AR/VR, wearable tech, gamification

  • Retail tomorrow: Sound Marketing

  • Brand voice

  • Sound identity

  • Touchpoints (retail, website, branded experience,

  • streaming platforms, voice user interface)

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